Brazilian fashion is enriched in a vibrant passion that is simply not found anywhere else. The smallest details are refined, the colours used evoke an erratic tone, and - above all else - the intensity and the colours of a nation are always on display. But at the heart of this charismatic culture is a very simple and uplifting message: be yourself.

This typically Brazilian belief is upheld by one of the country’s premier fashion gurus and successful businesswomen, Helena Bordon. Enjoying the luxury of being able to travel to fashion hotspots from a young age, such as Milan and Paris, Bordon brought with her the fabulous designs that she saw on famous European catwalks. Her mother, an astute observer, told her “No, Helena (referring to the clothes), you must be true to yourself and your style.”

Famous Brazilian designer, Jorge Bischoff, has taken this concept to a new level, and his collection of ladies wedges shoes and ladies designer heels have captured the imagination of people across the world. Bischoff has shown, in both his previous and current work, a detailed attention to focusing on this symbolic Brazilian belief, and has stated that his overall inspiration is the “imagination and sensuality of Brazilian women”

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